And so, it begins

Technology is everywhere, and it touches mostly every part of our lives. For a Spanish tech editor like me, reading tech sites written in English has been part of my day-to-day routine. News reports and featured content comes usually first and foremost in English, although tech coverage in other languages has been also really big for some time now.

But I never wrote in English on a daily basis, and The Unshut is an experiment to reflect my opinions about the technology world in the technology native language. The idea is not only to combine this with my ten-years-old personal blog in Spanish, Incognitosis -posts here will be often translations of the ones I publish there- but to act also from time to time as a content curator.

This feels natural to me too: my current job at Xataka -a leading tech blog in Spanish, over 4.6M uniques on June’15 according to comScore) gives me the chance to write about what we consider important, but  it’s impossible to cover all the tech news and reflect about the impact all those news will have in our lives in the future.

My job is to write, yes, but to do so I must keep myself informed. I read for hours, mostly in English, and there are lots of ideas and content that can be shared through different channels. Twitter, Facebook and other social networks let everyone do this, and there are other sites -Reddit, Slashdot, Digg, Techmeme- that act as content curators with different strategies. My idea is to use my experience to share some of them and recommend every piece that I consider interesting over here. I’m still thinking about how to implement that on this design (suggestions?), but I wanted to be online a.s.a.p. The challenge is to give my opinion not only of those pieces, but also of what other sites are telling about them. And of course, to improve my English writing skills, because I’m sure you’ll find lots of strange sentences and mistakes over these pages. I’ll try to do my best here too.

Following a long tradition of media launches, this site is a perpetual work in progress. There are lots of tiny (and not so tiny) details missing at launch, but we’re working of it, so if you’ve got any comments you can drop me a line in the comments, TwitterFacebook or even by email on theunshut at gmail dot com.

Let’s start and see where this thing goes. Welcome!

Javier Pastor is a technology journalist that has been writing about tech since 1999. He started writing for PC Actual in Spain, the leading printed magazine in the country, and in 2006 started to write online. First as the Chief Editor for The Inquirer ES, and after that for MuyComputer until 2013. That year he became senior editor at Xataka, the leading tech news website in Spanish with over 5M uniques/month (Aug'15, comScore). Xataka is part of Weblogs SL, a blog network that gets over 40M uniques/month and that has a wide catalog of publications in Spanish. The Unshut is his new venture and allows him to express his opinions and thoughts on everything touched by technology, and follows what he has been doing at Incognitosis, his personal blog, since 2005.

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  • Awesome, congratulations to give the not so easy step and start writing in English. I will start to follow your feed for this new blog and try to comment in English as well. I love the 2 paragraph stories idea, I will use it and finally start my own blog 😉

  • Perfect! My English in progress too!!
    Javi forever!!

  • ¡Fantastic initiative, Javier! Do you’ll include different content or be the same as Incognitosis?
    I wish you good luck with this project, a la conquista de nuevos territorios ;).

    • Thanks! Mostly different, shorter, but I’ll get ideas from both on the design and on the content side. We’ll see how this goes. ¡Eso eso! 😀

  • Oh, great… Another blog to follow… I think I’ll have to sleep less to read all I want to.

    I think it’s a very interesting initiative. Good luck!

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