The Internet Of Very Pointless Things

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A report in 2014 by Nielson revealed that 1% surveyed (from a base of 2000 respondents) felt strongly that the smart products they’ve seen or heard about have just been gimmicky, and companies need to work harder to make these products relevant to their lives, and that 58% felt strongly that they won’t upgrade to smart products unless they offer real value and not just novelty.

Brilliant piece from Forbes, where Theo Priestly explains how the popular Internet of Things is, at the moment, mostly a gimmick.

Different standards, no interoperability, and above all, no real value for consumers seem to be tough obstacles. Not to mention security risks.

I, for one, this future world of connected devices seems promising, but these devices have to prove one thing first: that they are not pointless, useless little machines.

Source: Consumers Prepare For An Internet Of Very Pointless Things – Forbes

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