Chrome OS won’t phase out, but Android merger seems inevitable


Four days. Google’s answer to WSJ report comes a little late. As if the people at Google themselves needed to meet and focus on the official statement.

Strangely enough that statement doesn’t deny what the Journal discovered, and they confirm that they have “been working on ways to bring together the best of both operating systems“. That doesn’t mean that they will phase out Chrome OS, though, they point out.

That’s exactly what one would expect from Google: millions of users have bought a Chromebook and are working (and studying) with those computers, so it wouldn’t be wise to abandon Chrome OS all of a sudden.

Which doesn’t mean that the focus will change: if the merge happens -and everything points to it- Chrome OS will have less and less relevance, and although the updates will come for five years as promised on each new Chrome OS device launched, I suspect they will be minor.

In fact, I’m pretty sure those devices will be among the first to support that new unified OS. I would do that if I were Google, and I guess that that will make current users not angry about the path to Chrome OS extinction.

Source: Google Chrome Blog: Chrome OS is here to stay

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